Autorobot EZ CALIPRE

The Autorobot EzCalipre Electronic Measuring System is an advanced 2/3D measuring device for exact verification of vehicle chassis and body condition and for damage documentation. Compile comprehensive damage estimation of the whole vehicle, achieving consistent quality control.



  • Measures distance between start point, end point (length) and height difference. Autorobot datasheet points are used as reference values.
  • Necessary functions can be carried out from the tram gauge display unit itself: start point and end point selection, saving measuring results in the computer, and selecting display mode.

Kit Includes

1 X Ez Calipre Tram bar
1 X Ez Calipre Tracker
1 X Ez Calipre Cover
1 X Laptop
1 X Printer
1 X Autorobot Mobile Cabinet
1 X Autorobot Ezcalipre Sign

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