Pneumatic rinsing device for disposable cup systems. The gun cleaner is close to where you spray allowing for quick and easy cleaning.

With a Drester QuickRinse, you can clean the gun’s paint channel in less than 10 seconds! The TT cleans both water and solvent.


- For all disposable cup systems
- For quick and safe colour change
- For water or solvent
- High Pressure/flow cleaning of water by pump
- For use anywhere, even inside the booth (water only)



The Drester 2600 is the complete manual Gun Cleaner for efficient cleaning of spray guns and other tools, which have been used with conventional paints.

It has a wash brush which is fed with recirculating solvent and a nozzle in the lid for rinse with clean solvent. You can spray out the gun through a funnel in the lid and dry it with an air gun which is fitted on the side of the machine.

Equipped with the unique Drester Teflon Diaphragm pump, specifically designed for use in Gun Cleaners. Automatic extraction protects the operator from hazardous fumes and improves the working environment.



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The Drester 1000 is the world’s no.1 manual gun cleaner for all water-borne paint systems.  35 liter capacity and user-friendly, it also has a built-in waste recycling system, saving money and the environment.


Manual cleaning with brush and high pressure rinse gun
The gun is quickly and easily cleaned externally with the flow-through brush and the gun’s paint channel is rinsed with the effective high pressure rinse gun. The rinse gun can easily be connected to either recirculating water or to tap water.

Waste water recovery system
The waste water is easily recycled through the built-in flocculation and filtration system.  By adding flocculation powder to the waste water, the waste separates from the water and can be filtered away. When the waste is flocculated, the bottom drain is opened and the flocculate is let through the filters. The filters hold 35 liters, meaning that you can dump the whole batch of waste at once. A pre-filter in combination with a fine-filter catches all contaminants of all sizes and the water that passes through is ready to be reused.

Automatic liquid agitation
The Drester 1000 is equipped with an automatic agitation feature, making flocculation quick and easy.

Drester diaphragm pump
Unlike any other pump, the Drester diaphragm pump was developed specifically for use in gun cleaners.