Jollift 1300 Speed Bench

The Jollift 1300 speed bench  is ideal for small to medium repairs. You can utilise the scissor lift for general repair and add sill clamps and pull posts for chassis straightening. Lowered height of just 100mm.

Jollift Speed Bench Product Specifications

6 Ton Pull Post
Floor-mounted lift
Capacity 3000 kg
Maximum height 1300 mm
Minimum height 100 mm


Jollift Speed Bench Kit Includes

1 X Jollift 1330 Combi Bench
1 X Set of 4 Wheel Stands
1 X Combi telescopic Pull Post
1 X Set Of 4 Sill Clamps
1 X Jollilift Downward Pull Wheel
1 x set of 4 rubber lifting blocks

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