This GYS Welder is a Synergic single phase MIG-MAG welding machine. Weld steel, aluminium and MIG Brazing high-tensile strength steels. The GYS M1 has Synergic Mode which determines the optimum wire speed.

4 Drive rolls motor:
Suitable for 5kg/ø200mm and 15kg/ø300mm wire reels.

Saving welding parameters:
Memory save feature for each torch and activation of the ‘last
used’ welding parameters (wire diameter, wire type & mode).

GYS Welder (M1) Kit Includes

Delivered with:
1 torch 150A - 3m
1 earth clamp 200A - 3m


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This GYS Welder (M3 Auto) is a multifunction and flexible machine, with a 4 roll drive motor designed to weld 3 different types of wire at the same time. It saves time as it does not require the user to disassemble the torch and change the wire reel for another job.

The M3 GYS AUTO is a Synergic single phase MIG-MAG welding machine with 3 torch connectors. Comes set up for steel and bronze and also includes a spool gun for aluminium. It also has Synergic Mode which determines the optimum wire speed.

GYS Welder (M3 Auto) Kit Contains

2 X  torches 150A - 3m
1 X Spool Gun
1 X Earth clamp - 3m
1 X Balancing system
1 X Clipsal 1P 3Pin 15A Hd Plug
1 X M3 Gys Auto With Accessories 230V
2 X Argon Twin Gauge Regulator
1 X Weld Wire Cusi3 0.8Mm 5Kg
1 X Almg5 Aluminium Mig Wire Spool
1 X Steel Mig Wire 0.8Mm X 15Kg On A 300Mm Spool

 Also available as the GYS T3 Mig Welder
in 400 Volt 3 Phase Version


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