Spanesi are based in Italy and are well known for their straightening and measuring systems which are certified around the world. Spanesi has over 25 OEM approvals including Porche, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, JLR and Tesla

Spanesi Multibench

Structural Repair Station

The Multibench employs an electro-hydraulic lift suitable for lifting most vehicles, with a maximum lifting capacity of 3,000kgs to a height of over 1.5 metres. Technicians have the ability to work on vehicles at a comfortable height during the repair process.

Low-Profile and Small Footprint
Platforms sit flat on the ground to enable vehicles with limited ground clearance to easily drive onto the lift. A small footprint allows facilities of all sizes to place the Multibench in repair bays that cannot accommodate full-size benches.

Diagnostics and Repair
The pulling column provides 10-tonne pulling capacity for serious vehicle straightening, 360º around the vehicle. Combined with the Touch electronic measuring system (optional), the Multibench is a single bay solution to repair vehicle damage.

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spanesi multibench

Voltage: 208/230V
Lifting Capacity: 3000kg
Lifting Height: 1.5m
Lift Time: 45 Seconds
Pulling Force: 10 tonnes

Spanesi Minibench

Small and medium damage
The Minibench is designed to repair small and medium damage with maximum speed and ease. Sturdy and compact, it occupies very little space inside the body shop.

Lifting and repairing any vehicle
The Mini bench can be used for most vehicles, including commercial vehicles, SUVs and 4x4s. It can be used as a lift or straightening bench, with a 6 tonne pull column capable of delivering 360° pulls around the entire vehicle. Incorporating the Touch electronic system for precise structural measurements adds additional speed and accuracy to each repair performed back to the vehicle’s OEM specifications. Given its versatility, it is a bench that is used daily.

- Fast, Easy And Universal - Perfect For Small And Medium Damage
- Compact And Rugged - Requires Very Little Spaces
- No Hard Edges - Rounded Corners Eliminate Vehicle Damage During Loading
- Fast Loading Of The Vehicle - Low Profile Floor Plates Always Attached To The Bench
- Multiple Uses - Lift, Repair, Repair With Touch
- Clamp Attachment Without Using Trolleys - Universal Clamps OEM Specific Clamps
- Pulling Column - Safe And Automatic Bench Connections 360° Pulling, Multiple Pulling Directions, Powerful 6-tonne Capacity
- Touch Accuracy - For Even Faster And More Precise Repairs, Real-time Measuring During The Pulling Process

spanesi minibench

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- Load Capacity - 3500kg
- Length - 2327mm
- Lifting Height - 1600mm
- Minimum Height - 108mm
- Pulling Force - 6 Tonne

106 Straightening Repair

3D Repair
The Spanesi Universal Jig system is a sophisticated 3-dimensional repair platform that allows restoration of any vehicle back to OEM standards. The 106 is a structural repair workstation that is capable of performing minor to major structural repair operations. The 106 has been designed to stand up to the most intense pulling stresses; this is accomplished through the utilization of the most durable materials available, in order to maintain its performance throughout the years.Throughout the entire process, repairs are precise, accurate and efficient. Length, width and height values are all returned to original specifications. Downward and upward thrusting ensure a complete and efficient repair. No optional equipment is necessary. The movable universal jig trolley contains all of the items needed to repair current and future vehicles.

Repair Back to OEM Standards
- All types of vehicles: Past, present, future.
- All types of damage: Small, medium, large.

Gear Driven Fixtures
Move the vehicle structure up or down at every jig mounting point

Gear Driven Racks
Easy vehicle movement on the bench

Fast, Accurate and Efficient
At the same time: Mounting, pulling, measuring

Complete Fixture System
Repair current and future vehicles Utilizing the provided universal jig system

Winstar Software
The universal jig datasheets are displayed in 3D, thus allowing an easy and intuitive analysis.
- Complete database
- 3D vehicle drawings
- Templates and vehicle profiles
- Twice yearly updates
- Updates available via the Spanesi website

spanesi 106

McPherson Measuring System
Easy control of struts and suspension parts. The McPherson Measuring System can also be used on external points (such as door hinges and pillars).

Set Of Special Hardened Bolts
Hardened bolts are provided for anchoring the vehicle during repair procedures.

Adaptors For Aluminium Vehicles
Aluminium adaptors to prevent cross-contamination during repairs to aluminium vehicles.

Gear Driven Rack And Fixtures
Provides smooth and effortless movement of the vehicle from end-to-end on the bench for alignment and straightening processes. Upward pushes and downward pulls are simple to perform and requires minimal physical exertion.

Length: 4m
Width With Universal Jig: 1.8m
Lifting Capacity: 5000kg
Lifting Height: 1.6m
Pulling Force: 10 Tonnes

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Spanesi Touch

Damage Diagnostics
The initial evaluation of the damaged vehicle is the first step of the repair process. Repair diagnostics can be performed on any lift, bench, or surface.
Detailed pre-repair documentation shows the extent of the damage and the structural operations necessary to return the vehicle to OEM specifications.

Complete Repair Documentation
The Touch provides a complete set of post-repair documents. The technician and customer can be confident that the vehicle has been returned to OEM specifications.

Touch allows measuring of:
 Vehicle frame and structural items
 Mechanical parts
 External points
 Wheel and tire alignment
 Suspension parts
 Comparative measurements

Stylish and Sleek Design
The latest Touch design takes its cues from the “Spanesi 360o Concept”. Sleek, clean and elegant lines set this measuring system apart from the pack.
This visionary trolley contains all the accessories necessary for vehicle measuring, with a compartment for the PC and another for the printer.

90KTIRD010 - Follow-Me-Tool
The “follow-me” tool provides instantaneous details related to measurement point deformation and guides the user, in real-time, during damage repair operations.

Extensive Database
Spanesi has invested heavily over several decades to provide the latest and most comprehensive database of vehicle data available anywhere. New vehicle updates are issued every six months and are available directly from Spanesi website. While measuring vehicles, the WinTouch software guides the user with the help of measuring point location images and intuitive sounds that clearly indicate the good from damaged locations. The WinTouch software creates both pre- and post-repair documentation, which are easy to understand by the technician and customer, ensuring the vehicle has been repaired back to OEM specifications.

spanesi Touch

90FERMT010 - Universal Crossbar Adaptor
Securely mounts the Touch arm to Spanesi universal jig crossbars

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