Autorobot XLS++ Speed Bench

The Autorobot XLS++ is a multifunctional  collision repair system with an  innovative design which allows easy reach to the underside of vehicles for collision repair, measuring, service and repair work.

With drive-on ramps, a scissor lift, quick vehicle fastening, a versatile pulling tower and  ease of operation  the XLS++ can’t be beaten by comparably priced systems.


Autorobot Product Features

Easy Loading Drive On Scissor Lift
10T Single Bolt Sill Clamps
10T Telescopic Aluminium Pull Post
New Generation Telescopic Height Extention
10T Hydraulics
Downward Pulling Wheel
3,000Kg Lift Capacity

Autorobot Kit Includes

1 X 500 Xls Au-2 Speed Bench
1 X 503-6 Au-2 Wheel Set
1 X Au-2 Side Pull Tower Adapter
1 X Autorobot Telescopic Tower
1 X Set Of 4 Lifting Pads
2 X Pneumatic Pumps
1 X 3 Metre Chain Hook
1 X 10In Stroke Ram
1 X FH28 Hydraulic Hose
1 X FH32 Hose Hy-Flow Coupling
1 X Male Fork, 1 x Female Fork
1 X 714B Straighting Set
1 X AutoRobot Sign

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